Winter hats: How to win bad hair days

So I really try not to wash my hair.  I'm talking once per week.  While my hair stylist cheers me on, my husband isn't a fan.  I've read a lot of the emerging methodology: shampoo strips the oil from your hair and your body creates more oil to replace it.  This may resonate with you if you notice that the more you wash your hair, the faster it gets greasy.  I wash my hair once a week and it's a lot less greasy, dry and I save a ton of time.  But what happens in those middle to end days when the grease is in full effect?  A hat.  That's what happens. 

A beautiful hat is my best friend.  It's my ride or die.  Pop on some sunglasses, a mask and a hat and I'm also able to dodge ex-boyfriends and over zealous chatty mom friends.  It also somehow makes me look fashionable.  I'm not a very stylish person, but a luxurious, trendy hat somehow gives the impression that I'm know what I'm doing in the style department. (Note:  I don't)

This is my favourite winter toque by North of Alpine.  Wool, cashmere, stylish, warm and the tone is stunning.  

Winter Hats for Women | Toque - North of Alpine

With a hat like the one above, I will always win bad hair days.