Thank you so much for checking out our hats! They are pretty awesome, eh?  We are two Canadian moms and friends who decided to follow our passion of injecting the long drab winter with some amazingly cute hats!  We don't want to brag (it would be very un-Canadian of us) but we think we accomplished our mission! We want to share high quality, stylish, winter hats at an incredible price with you!  Join us in keeping our bodies warm and our looks on point.  
Thank you for your support.  We hope you love your new hat as much as we do.

Lots of love,  
M & B, from Toronto

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Hat in 2021:

  1. Keep my head warm so I don't die of pneumonia (as per my mom).
  2. Cover up my greasy hair (day 3 and up) and/or premature greys (thank you COVID stress)
  3. Complete a fashionable cold weather look.