What is the full composition of these winter hats?

  • Wool - 30%
  • Cashmere - 20%
  • Viscose - 25%
  • Nylon - 15%
  • Spandex - 10%
  • Authentic Fur Pompom

How do I care for my lovely new hat?

Detach pompom before washing.  Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.  

My tie dye hat is different than the one in the picture.  What's up?  

This is the exact reason why your hat is so cool!  It is different!  Each tie dye hat is totally unique due to the intricate dying process.  If they weren't different, they really wouldn't be tie dyed.  Enjoy your one of a kind piece!  You are welcome.

Will this hat fit my child?

While these are meant for adults, our 10 year olds have fallen in love with them and have been rocking them! They fit a bit large on them, but they don't mind! 

Watch for kids hats coming soon!

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes, we do!  Please email us at sales@northofalpine.com for information!

Where are your beautiful hats made? 

Our luxurious hats are made in China. We strive to use the finest, warmest and highest quality materials to create our premium winters hats.